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Silk has many unique properties. It is soft to touch, light in weight with a superb fall. Its excellent dye affinity, crease free - nature, warmth in winter and comfort in summer, and natural elasticity make it an ideal for high fashion garments. Silk is also very suitable for furnishings, floor and wall decorations.

Production of silk is a very intricate process. The rearing of silkworms is extremely labour intensive and time consuming. This, combined with the land requirements for mulberry plantations makes silk production not suitable for countries with high cost of labour. In the eastern regions of India, the wild varieties of silk i.e. the tasar, eri and muga silks are produced. Eri or Endi is a stiff silk of a natural grey colour used for rough texture shawls. Tasar silk is produced mainly in Bihar, Bengal and Orissa and is woven into sarees and fabrics. It is a pleasant natural coloured product which does not take bright colours. Muga the golden yellow silk of Assam is the finest of the wild silks having an important place in the life of Assamese people.

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