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This is my mugshot.I wish I knew who I am.They say this is what people have been trying to find, unsuccessfully, for ages. They normally die before they find. Who knows , they might be re-born still as confused. I think it is nice to love and more nice to be loved. But I wish I could know what was love. I feel people only love themselves and love others only when they can extend their self(ishness) to include those "others". Loving one's children,spouse,parents, friends is all loving one's own extended self. The so called selfless love for the poor and miserable is ,perhaps, love with one's image of being seen (if not by others, than by oneself)so. I stop here. I'll write more when I have completed testing this homepage. If you want to talk to me about anything that could interest us, please send me an e-mail.

Dinesh Sharma
62,Mittal Chambers,Nariman Point,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021

You are the th person to suffer this